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2019 April Courses

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Please see below our full list of expected courses and descriptions.

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Please note: Dates and times may be subject to change. No classes during half-term dates.

Photography | Art | Jewellery Making | Creative Writing | Cake Decorating | Cookery | Languages |


Part Time Photography Course
On our 7 week course you will learn about your Camera. We want you to be you in control of your camera and gain a thorough understanding of all of its' knobs and dials. You will learn and understand the ‘exposure triangle’ which will guarantee you get the right exposure every time. The way you learn is by taking lots of photographs, we give you hands on experience every week. There will be plenty of hands-on experience and projects throughout the 7 sessions:

Manual and Autofocus, Manual Exposure, Depth of Field, Metering Modes, Motion (Freezing, Blurring & Panning), Picture Styles - Colour, Black and White, Sepia etc…, File Formats.

Week 1 - Understanding your camera | How to get things in focus | Getting the exposure right
Week 2 - Night shoot, putting theory into action
Week 3 - Depth of Field | Hands on practical demonstration in lecture room
Week 4 - Downloading your pictures, file & folder management | Understanding composition
Week 5 - Landscape photography shoot
Week 6 - Photographing people using natural light
Week 7 - Basic understanding of Photoshop and digital image manipulation

You do not need any prior photography knowledge, but you will need to have a camera that has a manual setting.

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Photography PhotoShop

Part Time Photography Photoshop Course
This is a 6 week course. The digital revolution has enabled old darkroom techniques to be carried out on your computer screen. You will learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop. What will we cover?:

Introduction to the Photoshop, tools and Image editing.
Importing your photos on to the computer.
Saving images and file formats.
Making colour and tonal adjustments.
Working with and manipulating layers.
Defining, refining and editing selections
Constructing multi-layered images.
Working with adjustment layers.
Retouching and repairing photographs.

Ideally you will need your own laptop with Adobe Photoshop Elements, CC or CS. If not, you can learn by watching on our big screen.
As with most things, using Adobe Photoshop outside the class will be beneficial which can be downloaded from for a 30 day trial for free and then for less than £10 per month. (opens a new window)

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Art for Beginners Course

During this course you will explore different art media - watercolour, acrylic, pastels (oil and chalk) learning how to apply them and which brushes and papers to use. You will also be gently introduced to how to draw (nothing too terrifying!). As part of your art journey we will look at some famous artists for techniques and inspiration.

For the first day just arrive with an A4 mixed media sketchbook, a pencil, a rubber ...and be ready ...we will create works of art!

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Watercolours, oils & Acrylics

Watercolours Oils and Acrylics Part Time Art Course
Do you want to learn the skills of how to manipulate oil paint & acrylics or how to paint lively watercolours? Maybe you are new to the media or need a refresher course on colour mixing and painting techniques then this the course for you.

You will learn how artists work, how to apply the paint and the types of brushes and paper to use. You will also learn basic perspective and colour theory and how to mix colours using a variety of techniques.

The course will cover how to use your chosen media and the development of paintings around tutor led projects.

Guidance on the best materials to use and where to get them will be given by the tutor.

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Jewellery Making

Part Time Jewellery Making Course

This course covers both beaded and wired jewellery making.

Each week you will cover a different jewellery making technique enabling you to produce a finished piece of jewellery to take home.

You will learn about the tools, findings, threading materials and components required to create beautiful bespoke jewellery.

** Not Running This Term **

Flower Arranging

Part Time Flower Arranging Course

On this beginner level course, you will use flower arranging and floristry techniques to create beautiful, simple floral designs for a number of occasions.

This course will teach how to create your own impressive flower arrangements using a variety of fresh materials and foliage.

Please note you will need to source flowers for your class each week.

Tutor: Ann Ludwig

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Cake Decorating Beginners

Cake Decorating Beginners Course

This course will cover all the basic skills and techniques you need to successfully cover and decorate cakes in fun and exciting ways.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn:

- The difference between sugar paste and flower paste
- Creating basic modelling shapes
- Learn how to cover a cake including unusual shapes
- Making fantasy and filler flowers for butter cream cupcakes

** Not Running This Term **

Cake Decorating Novelty Figures

Cake Decorating Night Class

This short course will help you in creating different figures each week, using the right sugar paste for the right cake topper. Learning different techniques for hair, expressions for positioning etc.
During the time you will create a person, animal and other novelty figures.

** Not Running This Term **

Wired Sugar Flowers

Wired Floral Sugar Craft Course
This course is designed to allow you to learn the important basic skills needed for floral sugar craft, giving you an understanding of how to use some of the extensive sugar craft equipment available.

This course will also help the more able student to widen their knowledge of the more advanced techniques in this art form.

You will be using Pulled and cutter seasonal flowers to create beautiful realistic looking sprays, displays and arrangements to decorate your cakes providing a truly professional finish.

** Not Running This Term **

Thai & Chinese Wok Cookery

Thai and Chinese Wok Cookery Course

Learn to prepare and cook a selection of fragrant, healthy and beautifully balanced snacks, salads, curries etc.

Join us on Thai /Chinese Wok Cookery course to learn new skills, have fun and walk away with recipes you will use time and time again.

Discover the numerous ingredients and make delicious meals from scratch.

You will receive your recipes each week and require to bring basic equipment to create these amazing recipes.

It will be discussed on the first class whether you purchase the ingredients from the tutor as she can locate the unusual ingredients or you can bring them in.

You will need a basic kit each week small sharp knife, chopping board, apron, wok and a container to take your food home.

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Authentic Pakistani Cookery Course

Authentic Pakistani Cookery Course

Learn how to make spiced curries, fragrant rice and buttery flatbreads at our Authentic Pakistani Cookery class. Delivered by a relaxed home-cook who has learnt all the secrets of Pakistani cuisine from her mother and grandmother, this fun-filled course will equip you with heaps of practical skills and tips on cooking delicious curries cheaply and quickly.
The class will cover everything from Koftas, kebabs to Tarka Daals, hearty vegetarian dishes and pakoras. Plus, you’ll learn about unusual spices like black cardamom, fenugreek seeds and asafoetida alongside familiar ingredients like cumin, coriander and turmeric. Better yet, all this will take place in a friendly environment where laughter and conversation are warmly welcomed.
What are you waiting for? Discover a world of super-charged South Asian dishes that you can create at home every day of the week. Say bye bye to that takeaway!
Each week you will bring the ingredients from the list you were given the previous week. You must also bring in your own chopping board, knife, food container to transport your food home, apron and tea towel.

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Dinner Party Delights

Dinner Party Cookery Course

Do you entertain much? If yes but have limited menu options, or no because you wish you had the ability to impress your family and friends with mouth watering menus. Then this course is for you.

You will learn how to create nice dinner party dishes each week, such as Steak Rossini and Paupiettes of Sole Veronique. Along the way learning practical skills and techniques to infuse flavours and to present the food to its best.

Each week you will bring the ingredients from the list you were given the previous week. You must also bring in your own chopping board, knife, food container to transport your food home, apron and tea towel.

** Not Running This Term **

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Part Time Course
Think there might be a budding writer locked inside you but you're not sure how to turn the key? Or maybe you're just longing to spark up your imagination and get something down on paper because... well, because it just feels like the right thing to do.

If this sounds like you, then you're half way there already.

This course will help you to use your own memories, emotions and experiences to fuel the creative writing process. You'll also learn the practical rudiments of things like plot, characterisation, dialogue and these of language techniques.

But mainly, it's about having fun with the written word; turning a blank piece of paper into something you can be proud of and truly call your own.

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German Beginners

Part Time German Language Course
Have you always wanted to visit Germany or maybe you have already done so and wish to return? Do you want to be able to speak German at a basic level when you visit? If so, then this is the course for you. This 'German Beginners' course will teach you how to exchange information in simple everyday situations. By the end of the course successful learners should be able to:

- Give, find out and understand personal information
- Order and pay for food and drink in a restaurant or cafe
- Ask for and use directions
- Ask for repitition and check meaning i.e. at the tourist office

You will learn through speaking, listening, role-play and games. Pronunciation, learning how the language works and cultural input are an integral part of the course.

** Course will return in September 2019 **

German Pre-Intermediate (y2)

Part Time German Pre-Intermediate Language Course
Do you want to speak more German when in Germany or build on your basic skills? Then this German Improvers course is for you. The course follows on from our German Beginners course and is for anyone who wants to consolidate their knowledge of basic key phrases and vocabulary.

By the end of the course successful learners should be able to:
- Shop for simple clothing items, express likes and dislikes
- In case of a medical emergency, give information on common illness's or injuries and follow instructions
- Describe a town or region and discuss reasons to visit or live there
- Exchange information about previous holidays
- Give and understand information about appearance and characteristics of people, making comparisons
- Exchange information about daily routines, including work and evening activities.

You will learn through speaking, listening role play, games and reading and writing simple texts. Basic German grammar will be taught and students will also gain an insight into the German culture.

** Course will return in September 2019 **

Spanish Beginners

Part Time Beginners Spanish Course
Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Do you want to be able to speak Spanish at a basic level when you visit Spain on your holiday? Then this is the course for you. This Spanish Beginners course will teach you how to exchange information in simple everyday situations.

By the end of the course, successful students should be able to:

- Give and receive basic greetings and personal information
- Tell the time and use numbers and currency
- Order and pay for food and drink in a restaurant or cafe
- Ask for and give directions

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Spanish Pre-Intermediate (y2)

Part Time Pre-Intermediate Spanish Course
Do you want to speak more Spanish when in Spain or build on your basic skills? Then this Spanish Pre-Intermediate course is for you. This Spanish course follows on from our 'Spanish Beginners' course and is for anyone who wants to consolidate their knowledge of basic key phrases and vocabulary.
The students will be immersing in each of the four language skills: listening, reading and writing with more emphasis in speaking. Topics include:

- Understand and exchange information about self, work and daily routine
- Express likes and dislikes including hobbies
- Understand and exchange information about past holidays
- Follow simple instructions
- Understand announcements etc.

Basic Spanish grammar will be taught and students will also gain an insight into the Spanish culture.

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Spanish Intermediate (y3)

Part Time Intermediate Spanish Course
Do you want to be able to use your Spanish in a range of real life situations? Then this 'Spanish Intermediate' course is for you. This Spanish course is for anyone who wants to develop their skills further.

By the end of this course, successful learnings should be able to:

- Describe people, places, situations, events etc.
- Exchange/extract key information on a variety of topics/situations
- Give and follow specific instructions
- Make simple arrangements
- Express an opinion
- Listen and respond to information from a range of sources (telephone messages, news headlines/public announcements, instructions, conversations). - Grasp general meaning of written.

Grammar will be expanded. You will learn to use expressions and forms appropriate to the language using present, future and some past tenses.

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Spanish Intermediate Plus (y3+)

Part Time Spanish Intermediate Plus Course
This level is a continuation of the independent stage where you will continue to learn more complex grammar.

The aim of this level is to enable you to deal with most situations likely to arise when travelling in an area where Spanish is spoken and interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity with native speakers.

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